The College Tour
A week long tour of 12-14 historically Black colleges and universities, the College Tour is precededed by 5
weeks of workshops.  It also includes web-based activities prior to boarding the buses.  Up to 120 students
and 25 adult chaperons participate in the College Tour.
Virtual University Initiative
The Virtual University Initiative is a web-based college-readiness program providing opportunities for
students to enhance academic skills, complete college-level mini courses, explore career options,
discover learning styles and preferences, and more.
Let's Get This Write!
Facilitated by the Virtual University Initiative, this program is an interactive web-based workshop series on
writing an effective college admissions essay. This initial 4-live workshop series is supplemented by
custom YouTube instructional videos. Participants include junior and rising senior high schoolers.
Foundation Programs
Over the course of about 8 virtual sessions participants will read Lamar Giles' Not So Pure and Simple.   
Based upon the readings, anchoring themes have been developed to guide our small group discussions.  
The themes are broad enough for diverse application to the challenges, aspirations, and issues that
influence our daily lives.

Let's Read!
Facilitated by the Virtual University Initiative, Let's Read! is a web-based read and discussion program that
attempts to increase teen reading and critical thinking skills.